Thomas Surfboards Long Fish 7'4'' Gloss and Polish

111TBS213182LONG /

  • £1,498.00

Long Fish

7’4’’ Grey tint Gloss and Polish

Joining the ranks of great long boarders designing smaller go to surfboards in Mid length, like the Rob Machado Seaside & beyond, the Aloha Sequoia and others.

Beautifully crafted by the man himself Thomas Bexon, to use as a mid-length and go to shorter board which will handle anything thrown at it.

It looks amazing and such a useful tool, long outlined rail to a wide retro fish tail and the fun of a much smaller twin Fin surfboard but with ease to paddle into any waves.

Make no mistake performance has been applied to this weapon in disguise!! Except no one will ever know until you are seen riding it!

Available to view in Surfed out showroom In Braunton or you can get more details by ringing us on 01271316320 or contact us at for more information details and pictures.

What Thomas says…

Long Fish

Available 7’ to 8’

An idea I have wanted to play with for a long time and only recently found the time to make it happen, and I really wish I had done it sooner. Crazy amounts of paddle power and speed without working for it. The keel fins offer plenty of hold off the bottom and through turns, plenty of planing surface means never working for speed from waist high to well over head. Single concave to vee doubles out the back end for speed and rail to rail transitions. This has quickly become a go to in my quiver. 7’to 8’

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