Surfed Out Raider (Design your own) Surfed Out Raider (Design your own) Surfed Out Raider (Design your own)

Surfed Out Raider (Design your own)

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Surfedout Out Raider Custom order surfboards

Get you very own design, sizes volume and colour scheme made for you!! With our help, lets chat and discuss your needs and lets turn that dream custom surfboard out to you genrally in 4 weeks!!

Prices from plain white from £500.00

The Raider by SurfedOut surfboards our new little Gem!! As tried and tested by most of us in Surfedout the Raider combining our love for a few other surfboards blended into this one.

The basic design is an everyday surfboard, kept with a relaxed rocker to aide the paddling, kept wide at the nose and tail to augment and maximise planing area. So on the whole it looks like a normal fish like template. Turn it over and as the volume stays plentiful it allows for the nose to be lifted and cleverly the tail to be thinned rather than lifted giving the same hold as a surfboard with tail lift, but this way you keep much more board in the water. It flies through sections with the speed of a performance surfboard but the ease of a full fish template. The diamond tail allows the width of a retro fish without the on and off directional feel and smoothes out the early pivots and turns it allows.

Can be used thruster or Quad or even fitted with a single fin longboard surfboard box to be used as a small single fin.

Can be finished in both Epoxy and Polyester and custom made to requirements and colour designs with prices starting as low as £500 for a plain speed coat finish.

We fit FCSII or FUTURES the choice is yours. Please ask in the shop for any trials to find out your needs...

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