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Today Geoff McCoy sits at the pinnacle of his profession.

His designs are eagerly awaited and then instantly incorporated by his counterparts. This is the highest accolade that can be given anyone.

To ride a Geoff McCoy Designed and personally shaped surfboard is to be on a vehicle, which has taken years of knowledge to produce. This vehicle which has been brought into being, is at the very cutting edge of Design Through Development and will perform for each individual in a way that they could never before even dare to conceive possible. This product, produced by the Guru of surfboard design, will take you anywhere you want to go. It has been designed specifically to free your mind and enable you to reach heights in your surfing that you have never dared to allow yourself to believe possible, to release you innermost self, and to become one with that being, to glimpse that place of perfection which before was only a dream.

In 1964 I started shaping at Ron Surfboards. I started making what everyone else was doing at the time, Early Traditional 9ft to 10ft Mals with multi-stringers. By the time I moved to Bennett’s in 1967 board length had been reduced from 9ft to around 8ft. This I consider as the start of the short board revolution.