Geoff McCoy Allround Nugget Geoff McCoy Allround Nugget Geoff McCoy Allround Nugget Geoff McCoy Allround Nugget Geoff McCoy Allround Nugget Geoff McCoy Allround Nugget

Geoff McCoy Allround Nugget

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The Geoff Mc Coy Nugget

This is a surfboard which has been and remains ever so popular since the 80's. Geoff Mc Coy himself always stated that it was the most exciting, practical and functional design on which I have worked. This surfboard incorporates all the knowledge and skill which I have accumulated over my many years of design and shaping, and it is the ultimate vehicle for anyone. You do not need to be a professional surfer to ride this board, but it will enhance your abilities at whatever stage of surfing you are. Thus, If you are someone who surfs at the Pro level then, you will be able to surf even better.

Surfedout Description of the Mc Coy Nugget

A stand alone design, never really achieved by any other shaper. Geoff designed this surfboard to have a lot of volume to make the surfboard sit high on the water. Most of the balance and volume is in the back end of the surfboard, making the board wanting to naturally be tail high. in turns this means that when the surfer stands up it will naturally settle in the water making the fins bite and helping to make the board turn whilst increasing the power through those turns and therefore maintaining speed and drive throughout the ride.

For this reason it is extremely important to keep maximum pressure on your back foot when turning short quick arcs on the wave face.

This will mean that new surfers and raw surfers will have a ball catching waves and develop the correct style toward shortboarding. A surfboard designed basically for guys not wanting to be on a longboard, catching lots of waves and reviving a lost shortboard styling, and speed not matched by a longer surfboard!! Having said that any surfers including seasoned ones would not be able to hide the joy this rare surfboard design will give!!

For anymore details contact us at or ring 01271 812512 and book a test ride.

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