Firewire Surfboards Machado Seaside & Beyond LFT FCSII White Fish

Firewire Surfboards Machado Seaside & Beyond LFT FCSII White Fish

111FIR22LSAB-3-4WH /

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After spending time with Skip Frye looking at his long fishes Rob Machado became intrigued at the idea, this is where after starting with a stretched out Go Fish but finding it needed an extra little something rob decided to take the popular quad Seaside and elongate it as well as tweaking the rocker to bring us the Seaside and Beyond.

The Seaside and beyond became a board that Rob was riding in all conditions from bigger barrelling breaks to smaller 1ft waves "It glides, It turns on a dime and most importantly… it puts a smile on my face" - Rob Machado. More forgiving than a shortboard and an easier paddle the Seaside and Beyond finds its place in the quiver for a huge range of surfers , from looking for a step up on bigger days for an easier paddle out back in place of a longboard or more high volumed mini-mal, or a step down for smaller more crowded days getting you an earlier entry into waves. The Seaside & beyond comes in just 3 sizes, 6'8, 7'0 and 7'4 with a traditional single to double concave and either Futures or FCS II fin plugs.

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