Firewire Surfboards Gem 9'1 Grey 2003812 Firewire Surfboards Gem 9'1 Grey 2003812 Firewire Surfboards Gem 9'1 Grey 2003812 Firewire Surfboards Gem 9'1 Grey 2003812 Firewire Surfboards Gem 9'1 Grey 2003812 Firewire Surfboards Gem 9'1 Grey 2003812

Firewire Surfboards Gem 9'1 Grey 2003812

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  • £1,360.00

Firewire GEM Thunderbolt technology Red

One of our favourite Longboard shapes in the Surfed-Out shop to date. With the look of a traditional nose rider, with its large bull type nose with a deep dished concave underneath for ease of steering from the front. A large and friendly main line with a generous width but refined rails. A well pronounced V from around the middle of the board and distributed to the tail in between the fins for ease of rail-to-rail transition. The tail best of both world small square tail to a diamond for more hold on larger surf, a relaxed rocker with plenty of volume underneath the chest to ease into waves effortlessly. This board paddles like a dream.

Watch our team rider on Instagram Ashley Braunton attaining speeds he never has before on PU or Epoxy boards… He describes the return and speed through the turns is incredible. A game changer!!

Firewire description as follows.

The Gem is a collaboration between Dan Mann and 3X World Longboard Champion Taylor Jensen.

Earlier this year Taylor asked Dan to consider a ‘one board in the trunk’ option for long boarders who want both trim and turns; he was essentially asking Dan for a design that would land somewhere between his TJ Pro and his TJ Everyday.

Dan’s response was an intriguing intersection of shortboard style concaves with a longboard style outline and the same fin placements that Taylor likes in all his boards.

He and Taylor decided to call this model The Gem because of how valuable it is – a one board quiver for 9 foot plus board riders that can trim on the nose as easily as it can carve on rail.

The diamond tail is not a coincidence. It is a Gem.

Thunderbolt Technologies

Thunderbolt Technology utilizes advanced materials and technology to decrease weight while enhancing performance, flex characteristics, board control, and durability. Mass-produced epoxy boards are corky and stiff. While light and durable, they simply do not ride well. But Thunderbolt’s hand-built boards take superior epoxy materials to an entirely different level. These boards provide the feel and sensitivity of a good poly board but deliver performance far beyond traditional epoxy pop-out constructions. Indeed, those who ride these high-tech epoxy boards claim they feel better than polyurethane.

Thunderbolt boards are 100% hand layups. They begin with an EPS foam core with multi-component carbon fibre stringer systems that produce engineered flex and twist for a more lively, responsive performance. Proprietary designs employing internal carbon fibre components are then arrayed in the deck and bottom of the deck for precise flex control and strength.

The core shield PVC provides flexible protection to increase strength and durability without compromising the flex and twist characteristics built into the blank. With ample carbon fibre and fiberglass in the deck, bottom, and rails, these boards both outperform and outlast traditional PU boards and other epoxy designs.

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