Dryrobe Advance Adult Long Sleeve Large Black/Red

Dryrobe Advance Adult Long Sleeve Large Black/Red


  • £150.00

Dryrobes have become a must have at the beach, from warming you up and protecting you as you change into or out of your wetsuits, to walking the dogs in your DRYROBE, and more and more seen on the school run!!

Proving I guess they have become fashionable but most of all functional protective coats for all outdoor activities.

Will also come into its own driving with your wetsuit on to your home whilst saving any water going on the car seats and keeping you toasty warm.

Comes  in various sizes Extra Small, Small adult, Medium, Large and Extra Large,

Most adults will want the medium and large, extra large is rarely needed. 

The most luxurious changing robe EVER!!! we give you the Dry Robe Advanced.

Waterproof membrane outside, hydrophobic fleece on the inside which wicks the water away and tonnes of room to get change in or just lounge about at home in. 

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