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Cross Mod Fish Surfboards

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Our Description

The Cross-Mod Fish surfboards 5’10’’-6’3’’-6’8’’-7.2’’-7’10’’ a whole range of swallow tail fish designed to catch as many waves as any Mini-Mal surfboards with attitude.

Fish surfboards have a swallow tail, helping to keep width either in the rear tail area or by bringing the rear of the surfboard wider in the hips to the tail, giving both stability and earlier pivot on turns.

The swallow tail will give a little more bite in more unruly surf condition and allow a little more drive, this Mod Fish surfboard will be an ideal travelling companion as it will cope with any surf conditions from very small to larger surf. The bottom contours of the Cross-Mod Fish like the rest of the Cross Surfboard range is built with definite contours enabling manoeuvrability and ease of paddling… best of both worlds. The Cross-Mod Fish surfboard can be used as your only weapon but depending on size of the surfboard chosen could easily complement what else is needed in your quiver for your next surf trip to North Devon and premier beaches in the UK.

The whole range is available to view and feel at Surfedout Braunton and can be booked for a test surf by either using contact form or ringing us on 01271 812512

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