Cross Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 10'7 White/Grey Package

Cross Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 10'7 White/Grey Package

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  • £450.00

Gul Cross 10' 7" Inflatable Paddle Board Package

The Gul Cross 10ft 7 Inflatable Paddle Board package from Gul Watersports, great for family fun from ocean to river, with with tested tech features and generously sized, easy to handle, stable board ideal for cruising and perfect for family use.

The Gul Cross inflatable stand up paddle board is light and easy to carry at only 9kg, it's capable of supporting weight up to 100kg. Incorporating Cross Stitch Fusion technology, the latest in construction for added stiffness, but a whole 25% lighter than boards using traditional double layer construction. The reinforced dropsitch core construction combined with the second layer rail band provides the final seal, adding further stiffness through extra compression, resulting in a board that is 30% stiffer compared to a regular single layer construction.

Gul's signature 'Cross Diamond Skin' EVA Deck Pad applied using a machine press ensures a secure bond with superb traction and plenty of grip and comfort underfoot.

The Gul Cross paddleboard package includes all you need:

What's in the Box?

1 x Gul Cross Stand Up Inflatable Paddle board, 10ft 7in, with removeable fin

1 x 3-Piece Co Alloy Paddle - a lightweight entry level paddle

1 x Coiled Paddle Leash With Key Pocket (10ft)

1 x Double Action Pump

1 x Repair kit

1 x Cross Backpack/Storage bag

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