Cortez Prism Surfboard 'Cubin' Fish Cortez Prism Surfboard 'Cubin' Fish Cortez Prism Surfboard 'Cubin' Fish Cortez Prism Surfboard 'Cubin' Fish Cortez Prism Surfboard 'Cubin' Fish Cortez Prism Surfboard 'Cubin' Fish

Cortez Prism Surfboard 'Cubin' Fish


  • £399.00

Surfedout Description

We have just received in stock the brand new for 2021 season Cortex Cubin swallow tail fish.

The new range and development of the Cortez Surfboard range. Latest closed cell EPS core construction traditional wooden stringer. Keeping this Swallow Tail surfboard lighter and therefore more responsive.

To enable better strength the surfboard has been laminated with 6 and 6 oz cloth and finished with Epoxy resin, as opposed to the normal 6 and 4 oz.

It makes this board light and as durable as a traditional surfboard. This is a traditional swallow Tail surfboard shape with a full old-fashioned Beaked nose keeping volume throughout the surfboard even to the tip, a swallow tail and relaxed rocker with plenty of volume throughout the surfboard. A subtle nose concave leads to a flat spot underneath the chest releasing through subtle rolled a double concave through the tail. It means it will remain an easy surfboard to paddle, but that it is also built to last and not be outgrown as it will also handle good and sizeable surf.

The beauty of the Cubin Swallow Tail fish surfboard is that it packs a lot of volume in a shorter fish version, 6’3’’-6’6’’-6’9’’- and depending on your size could be used a s a first short board to learn to duck dive whilst having plenty of surfboard to enjoy catching lots of waves and developing your surfing on a shorter surfboard.

Finished in with black painted rails and white painted deck and bottom for a clean modern look.

All this is offered at a reasonable entry level price still but will rival in performance and durability with any more expensive like swallow tail fish surfboards.

CUBIN / 5 fin step deck fish

Size Width Thickness Litres

6’ 3” 21 1/2 2 5/8 41.62

6’ 6” 21 1/2 2 3/4 45.18

6’ 9” 21 1/2 2 3/4 46.72

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