CJ Nelson Surfboards Outlier Volan 2003888 CJ Nelson Surfboards Outlier Volan 2003888

CJ Nelson Surfboards Outlier Volan 2003888

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  • £1,175.00

CJ Nelson Outlier 8'0'' Thunderbolt Red Technology

The CJ Nelson Outlier shaped by Ryan Engle is a stunning testament to the speed Hull style mid-lengths and longboards surfed in Malibu from the history books, imitating the old heroes of past eras of surfing with the most modern technology enabling all to style regardless of your surfing prowess. Easy to paddle, an ideal way to reduce in size from a longboard or to come up from a short board, a great travelling companion in the shorter size as well, true single fin styling with the speed of a much shorter board. One of the the most beautiful Surfboard shapes

CJ NELSON's description

One of the most functional designs of the “shortboard revolution” re-worked by CJ and Ryan. A true speed hull that puts feel and rider enjoyment first, this board is a life changer. Digging into the history books, referencing MP, Nat and all of the transition era sliders we picked up where they left off and applied our modern knowledge to make this functional beauty. If you’re looking to size down from your longboard or looking for a one board quiver to travel the world with, there’s not a better surfboard to fulfil your needs.

The whole Thunderbolt range can be seen in Surfedout Surf shop show room Braunton North Devon, where we also keep a few trial Thunderbolt surfboards. Come and experience them you will be amazed!! If interested please fill in the contact form on www.surfedout.com or ring the Surfedout Braunton surf shop on 01271316320

Meanwhile we hope you enjoy looking through the whole range of Thunderbolt surfboard designs, including Harley Ingleby, Kai Sallas, Ben Skinner Skindog surfboards

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