CJ Nelson Surfboards 9'1 Guerrero Volan 2003922

CJ Nelson Surfboards 9'1 Guerrero Volan 2003922

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Surfedout Description of the CJ Nelson Dead Kooks Guerrero 9’1’’x 22 5/8 x 3

The CJ Nelson Guerrero traditional nose rider looks, with beautiful lines and one of the deepest nose concaves in the shop, providing hold on the nose rides and clear steering from the front. The lines are consistent through the rocker of the board to the tail and provide as much control and steer from the rear. finished in a Volan type look with a gloss finish, and finished in Thunderbolt  Silver Technology. 

CJ’s Description 

"This board has such a special place in my heart. The conception of this design and the back to back wins I quickly had on it, sorta closed a chapter in my life. A chapter that started the day I put down the bottle and decided to take my life back. Those were scary moments realizing that my career was gone and I had to start over. At that point, I could have never envisioned winning the Duct Tape Invitational and Mexi Log Fest, but with hard work and luck on my side, I did. When I got the invite to compete in the DTI I knew I needed a couple longboards that would handle a large variety of conditions. I rang up my long time brother, Eden Saul, and got to the drawing board. Eden had built me a few boards before so I had a good idea of what I wanted. I took elements from a few of my favourite boards to design this one. Nuuhiwa concave, wide Point back, 60/40 rails, flat tail with kick for nose riding. 

Basically, I took everything I know that works for me and rolled it into one Board. Can’t go wrong with the whole “turn like Nat, tip ride like Nuuhiwa” concept. Anyway…. Eden made the board from start to finish at home in Australia and brought it out to me a few days before my departure to Mexico. I spent the next couple days bonding with it at San O and Cardiff. I knew right away that it was magical. It did everything I had hoped and more. The more I pushed it the better it worked. A truly perfect surfboard. Arriving in Mexico, the waves were huge so I had my doubts about logging in such conditions. I put my best foot forward and practiced every day. The board constantly surprised me and I just continued to gain confidence as I got more comfortable. The event rolled around and the surf dropped into the head high range. At that point, I was so confident I was just connecting and advancing through heats. When it was all said and done, the magic Eden board and I came out on top. 

The moment I had worked and prayed for since my sobriety 6 years earlier. It was the sweetest feeling for so many reasons on so many levels. I had nothing left to prove to anyone and my families dreams for me were finally actualized. The most personal victory of my life and the appropriate time for me to walk away from competition for good….which I have decided to do. Over the next few weeks of digesting the events, I knew that this design needed to be shared. I immediately got with Eden and started working out the details. We agreed on a couple design tweaks and the name Guerrero after the state in Mexico where I experienced my moment in the sun. It’s with great thanks and gratitude that I get to share with you my life’s greatest moment and the most complete longboard I have ever ridden, the Guerrero" – CJ 

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