C-Monsta Wetsuit, Boots and Gloves Hanger Dryer

C-Monsta Wetsuit, Boots and Gloves Hanger Dryer


  • £35.00

   The C-Monsta offer an all-in-one solution to drying and storing all your wetsuit gear together (wetsuit, Boot and Gloves) so you will never be looking for that right glove and left boot again!

   The C-Monsta founded and made in Scotland is made from injection mold recycled plastic and presented in recycled sustainable packaging and designed to last for life.

   Tried and tested comfortably holding 15kgs its strong and durable, with the C-Monsta you can hang your wetsuit, boots, and gloves almost anywhere; Back of your car or van, shower screen, store easily in your wardrobe. Hanging your wetsuit from the waist prolongs its life preventing stress around the neck from hanging by the shoulder with other hangers.

   The C-Monsta simply makes it easy to hang, rinse, dry and store all your gear at once so you'll always know where they are- no more climbing in to a wet wetsuit from the bucket in your van, boots are dry and less stinky, and both gloves are where you left them! 

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