Beau young Surfboards 72'Evo 7'2 Coffee

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There have now been many evolutionary periods in surfing. This early to mid 1970’s period produced a-lot of very different boards compared to what had been made previously. Experimental times there is no doubt!
Music at this time was going through its Psychedelic experimentation phase with Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Jefferson Airplane and many others pushing the musical boundaries. Surfing was also all about change and growth and understanding theory of water displacement and why. Ted Spencer, My father Nat, Bob Mctavish, George Greenough, Russel Hughes etc… were all at the forefront of an amazing growth period in surfboard design development. I am very honoured to have my fathers blessing in creating a model of board similar to what was being ridden during this amazing period of surf history.
The “Nat Young 72' Evolution” Is a mid-length single fin (with optional side fins if required) with its wide point forward and a soft edge through the tail. A subtle vee bottom shape and rounded nose this board is not for everyone. The 72' is a classic board that turns like a very small single-fin longboard! Your feet need to sit a little farther forward than normal when turning the board and the “Nat 72 Evolution” is the closest thing you will find to feeling your way across a waves canvas like they did in the early to mid 1970’s period. Personally I love the feel of these boards, my motto has always been that variety is the spice of a surfing life, so if you want something that is a ton of fun, a little bit different and a board that will take some dedication to master, try my Dads replica from this early 70’s period.
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