Beau young Surfboards 6'6 Wombat Red Classic

111OPE21WOM66RED /

  • £1,055.00

The Wombat Mk11 is the predecessor to the original best selling Wombat model.

The new incarnation has all the same wave catching ability combined
with maneuverability, however more curve and rocker has been added for
even tighter turning and vertical maneuvers. A narrower nose and tail
give the board a less bulky feel yet still keeping all the original
board qualities only better.

The Wombat Mk11 works in a wide variety of wave conditions ranging
from 1- 6 foot regardless of weather the waves are full and slow or
hollow or fast the Wombat Mk11 works incredibly.

The Wombat Mk11can be ridden as either a 2 +1  fin setup or as a quad
depending on your preference. Many surfers like the quad fin in bigger
hollower waves.  The fin box plus quad set allows you to surf the
board with either desired fin configuration

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