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Aloha Pintail

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Surfedout Description; Aloha Pintail Noserider longboard.

As the name would suggest this is a traditional log made a little more interesting, by lifting the tail rocker enabling to lock that tail in the water whilst the weight of the rider is moved to the front of the surfboard, the surfboard is easily controlled from the front with the large nose concave carved into the bottom of the nose of the board, giving lift and control. The nose is a large spoon nose, favouring early re-entry and keeping the general template to the pin tail large and user friendly. The rails are pinched to make them bite a little more from anywhere around the surfboard. beautifully crafted and with a traditional resin glossed tinted finish. Classic looking with a modern twist!!

Also check it's brother the Aloha Log, similar set up with that classic Noosa square tail, as if it had stepped out of the 60's!!

“The pintail nose rider shares a lot of similarities to the ALOHA LOG but as the name suggest is more setup for nose riding. It has a little more tail rocker to help hold the tail of the board in the wash when up on the nose coupled with a nose concave to provide control and lift. It has a slightly finer ‘egg rail’ to engage into the wave face for a stable, controlled ride and the plan shape is also a little more generous in the nose to allow easy walking and cross-stepping. The pintail is a very forgiving and versatile tail shape that can be turned or jammed easily to match the speed of the wave. This board is available in three sizes, including a ten footer for the bigger surfer and is an asset in the quiver for both beach-breaks and point-breaks.”

Jonno Cole

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