Aloha Keel Fish Twinny Aloha Keel Fish Twinny

Aloha Keel Fish Twinny

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  • £489.00

Aloha Keel Fish PU Twinny

Typical tried and tested Twinny, plenty of volume wide and thick throughout with a wide tail, making it a stable short surfboard and a wave magnet. Kept flat it will fly through any sections with speed making this an ideal surfboard for the smaller day, however if it is fun and adrenaline you are looking for these little gems will handle anything you can throw at them including large hollow waves.

The wide tail make this an ideal UK surfboard and will eat any white water and dig in for a fun ride, easy to duck dive even though it has so much volume, it also transfer as an ideal first shorter surfboard for up and coming surfers.

Being flat under the chest it will paddle in early into waves, take late drops as it will easily take off from the top of the wave as it pivots so early with that wide tail, it will then hold high and tight along the wave, let it do it's own thing it will pick so much speed that you will have no other options than to put in a turn and slow it down.

Cannot fail to put a smile on your face and improve any surf you might have

Everybody in the UK should ride or even own a Twinny surfboard in their quiver!!

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