ALOHA Black Bean LCT 600 ALOHA Black Bean LCT 600 ALOHA Black Bean LCT 600 ALOHA Black Bean LCT 600

ALOHA Black Bean LCT 600

111SBA 018-ALH-BBLC-600 / /

  • £359.00

Our words

Ideal short board for our UK waves, you will be able to pack this little surfboard and guarantee the paddling of a Mini Mal surfboard when you get to the beach.

It packs volume and with its relaxed rocker make it paddle like a much longer surfboard than it is!! Jonno has made sure though that it is a wolf in sheep clothing!! It will handle anything thrown at it, Use it as a Quad or Thruster depending on your favourite style or the conditions.

“Short, wide, fast and fun the Aloha Black Bean has a short rail line that fits perfectly into the smallest pocket. The small curvy outline helps in the weakest of beach breaks by decreasing drag and increasing speed which is the key to this little pocket rocket. The medium to low rail helps to draw out turns and control speed which the Black Bean has in spades!

The flat entry rocker enables instant acceleration when combined with a single to double concave allowing full control at speed, the subtle diamond tail provides multiple pivot points for turning in the most critical sections of dumpy little shore breaks. For experienced surfers ride this little whip 1 or 2 litres in volume above your standard short board or for the intermediate surfers go up 6 to 8 litres and take full advantage of the paddle power and stability.”

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