ABC 'Big Bird' Surfboard 7'0 White

ABC 'Big Bird' Surfboard 7'0 White

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  • £425.00

Surfed Out Surf Shop Description

ABC Big Bird an all round MInI Mal allowing you to come down in size from the average Mini Mal found online or in any surf shops. The average Mini Mal surfboard will be 7’6’’ to 8’.0’’ and in the UK are generally directed at the entry surfer market. Therefore, kept basic, all about catching waves but not aimed at any performance.

The ABC Big Bird changes this a little, by relaxing the rocker somewhat, and increasing the volume in order to keep the float of a larger surfboard. In order as well to replace the length lost the ABC Big Bird has a large bull type rounded nose like a longboard surfboard would have and a large square tail, increasing the float and paddling area and keeping the surfboard stable. The large tail will enable early pivot making the board wanting to change direction and to go around any sections whilst continuing to keep the surfboard stable and hooked into the wave.

The surfboard due to its volume will sit high in the water and enable easy paddling and ease of getting into waves, the nose is flipped enough to help in not nose diving like a flatter surfboard would on late take offs…

The bottom contours of the surfboard flat under the shoulders and releasing through a subtle rolled V in the tail enable manoeuvring in most conditions.

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