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We are an independent family run surf company, based in the hub of the UK surf industry in the center of Braunton. Hiring from Saunton Sands Beach. We specialise in bringing to you the latest Surfboards, the newest Surf hardware and branded clothing ranges. We have a dedicated showroom outlet where you will find a warm friendly atmosphere from our helpfull team. Whether you are just looking for advise on your next purchase, or just after some hints ands tips to help develop your surfing, feel free to drop us a line or pop in!

You can also see and touch one of the finest Vintage Surfboard Collection this side of any museums, including a 1965 Mickey Dora Gregg Noll Da Cat, an immaculate original Dewey Webber, Hobies and many others!! We have one of the UK’s largest online surf shop with a large selection of custom made surfboards lovingly handcrafted from the finest materials by some of the world’s greatest shapers.

More importantly the surfboards are generally in stock and can be easily spoken about via Email, Skype or just call! We are only too happy to help and make the buying experience as pleasant as possible. Virtual Sales Via Skype available. In Close Proximity to all the local Beaches and World class waves. Saunton Sands, Croyde, Putsborough Sands, Woolacombe Bay and more......

What's New?

Bear Surfboards for sale

New Bear Longboards Just In!
New Full Resin Tints in store now. The 'Mexican Blanket'! And not forgetting the 25th Anniversary 'Big Wednesday' Edition longboards.

Bunty Surfboards

Bunty Surfboard's Introducing the Board of the year!
The KingFisha! From Local Hero, AKA The Round Nose Keel Fish has made a big splash this year. Developed by Graeme Bunt and our very own Glenn Harris.

Global Surf Industries

Global Surf Industries Boards Now in!

Top Brands Like : Stuarts, Hayden Shapes, Modern Longboards, Mc Tavish, Walden and more.......

Rusty Surfboards

Rusty 2013 Surfboard Range

In Stock and coming soon: The Neil, The Kerrosover, T'Dwart, Slackerr, The Slayer, Magic Door, Magic Thumb, Buck Shot, Dwart, Bali Single, 84, Stump, Terminator, Piranha, Redline, Silver Bullet, Jokerr, GTR, Dozer, Misfit, R1, Hustler

Surfedout_SurfboardsSaunton Is Now Opening For Hire!!

Come Down to Saunton and try out one of our Hire Boards. A huge selection from every corner of the world! We have a Shape for everyone. Call - 01271 891286

Featured Products

hayden shapes shred sled

Hayden Shapes Shred Sled Future Flex 6'0

"The Shred Sled is a fish design tweaked to be an all-round surfing board. It has a smooth connected feeling that is fast and flowing. Although it looks like a small wave board, the Shred Sled will surf waves up to 6ft in all conditions."

hayden shapes shred sled

Bear 'Mexican Blanket' Five colour resin tint! 'Trick'

"This stunning Resin tinted Bear Surfboard has been based on a Nose rider performer, with its smooth rounded pin tail but a slightly more relaxed rocker than the average performer surfboard, and oversized in width and thickness to make it a wave magnet and a pleasure to catch waves early, and then perform!! Will catch anything including the “eye” "

Dry Robe Beach Change Towel

Dry Robe from Wandering Star

"Mens' Dry Robe Towel Keep your modesty and stay warm while changing either on the beach or in the car park. An essential piece of kit. "

SeaGlass Project Albacore

SeaGlass Project Albacore 4'11

"The Albacore! It makes the thrill of finless surfing fun, easy and user friendly. The feeling the Ancient Hawaiians had as they rode their FINLESS ALAIA SURFBOARDS is now more attainable to more surfers. The ALBACORE surfs much like a thin wood ALAIA because of flex, yet it is soft and paddles very well and easily.

Hawaiian Soul 7'6 Wooden Veneer Funboard

Hawaiian Soul 7'6 Wooden Veneer Funboard

"The HAWAIIAN SOUL 7'6 MINIMAL puts the ‘fun’ back into FUNBOARD. Squash tail for stability and good manouverabilty, keeping buoyancy in the tail.All round mini mal with a progressive template. Excellent wave count due to low level rocker which also makes for an easy paddling board."